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 EAGLE_Attendance in Corporate Governance Seminar 2019_12 February 2019


Annual Verification of Mines and Geosciences Bureau 

 EAGLE_Annual Verification of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau_24Apr2019_Amended

 EAGLE_Annual Verification of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau_29March2019


List of Top 100 Stockholders 

 EAGLE_Top 100 Shareholders_31 March 2019


Public Ownership Report

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 March 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_28 February 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 January 2019


Foreign Ownership Report

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_30April2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31March2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_28February2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31January2019


Report on Number of Shareholders

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_30April2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31March2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_28February2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31January2019


Press Release

 EAGLE_Press Release_1Q2019 Results

 EAGLE_Press Release_FY2018 Results


Notice of Analysts' Briefing 

 EAGLE_Notice of Analysts' Briefing_1Q2019

 EAGLE_Notice of Analysts' Briefing_FY2018


Clarification of News Reports

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_10May2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_03May2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_29Mar2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_19Mar2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_05March 2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_03Jan2019


Disbursement of Proceeds and Progress Report

 EAGLE_Quarterly Progress Report on Application of IPO Proceeds_31 March 2019


Bulacan plant grounds company’s quest for growth, leadership

Eagle Cement’s plant in San Ildefonso, Bulacan is country’s newest and largest fully-integrated facility

EAGLE’s 1Q19 net earnings expands 49% to Php1.6 billion

Listed local cement company Eagle Cement Corporation (EAGLE) continued to deliver robust growth in the first quarter of 2019, with net income expanding by 49% to Php1.6 billion from Php1.1 billion in the comparable period in 2018.